How much do lawyers get paid each week?

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Question by Matt I: How much do lawyers get paid each week?
On average, how much would a Criminal lawyer get paid weekly?

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Answer by Lisa
Criminal lawyers? That varies as do all areas of the legal profession. Deputy DA’s usually start out at around $ 40 to 50k per year and go up to around $ 110k if they become the DA. Public Defenders can make around the same. Private defense attorneys are a different story. The sky is the limit for them depending on how good they are and how hard they work. Generally I would assume they make an average of 60 to 80k a year on average with a few years of experience.

It also varies geographically too. If you live in NY city you are going to make a lot more than someone from Po dunk Tennessee.

Oh, I guess you would need to divide those figures by 52 and take out taxes to know how much they make a week though. They usually get paid monthly and not weekly.

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  1. Attorney Brian July 21, 2013 at 3:56 pm #

    Depends if I am having a good week or not. The Dept. of Labor just issued a report saying the average lawyer is making about $ 36 an hour. Some do far better some far worse. Your question has so many variables. I know some lawyers who literally make a millions a year on criminal work and others struggle to break even. It also depends on the cost of living for the area the lawyer is practicing in and crime rate.

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